Digital Health and Implementation Science Virtual Symposium

Date and Time

Thursday, October 13 at 6p–8p CST


2 hours

Join us on Thursday, October 13 at 6p–8p CST for an active discussion on the application of digital health technologies to improve care gaps, better implement and optimize therapies and even increase engagement between both patients and clients.

  • Andrew Sauer, MD

    Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiologist, Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute

  • Meghan Reading Turchioe, PhD, MPH, RN

    Assistant Professor, Columbia University School of Nursing

  • Harriette Van Spall, MD

    Cardiologist and Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of E-Health and Virtual Care, McMaster University

    "What are the barriers and facilitators of digital health tech implementation in health systems?"

  • Tariq Ahmad, MD, MPH

    Chief of Heart Failure, Section of Cardiovascular Medicine, Yale

    "How can electronic medical records prompt clinicians to better implement therapies? PROMPT HF"

  • Larry Allen, MD

    Cardiologist, Medical Director Advanced Heart Failure, University of Colorado

    “Can patient engagement overcome clinical inertia? Design, results, and implementation of the EPIC-HF tool”

  • Adam DeVore, MD, MHS

    Heart Failure Cardiologist, Duke University Medical Center

    "How can we better utilize digital health technology to better engage both patients and clinicians? VITAL HF"

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