Advanced Therapy Evaluation Program

Getting the 

timing right.

Incredible advances have been made in the fields of heart transplants and LVAD. However, due to the challenges of timely intervention, only a small number of patients benefit from these life-changing treatments. 

Story Health finds patients at the exact right time for evaluation, giving more people the chance to be referred before it’s too late.

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How we're changing the story.

Longitudinal relationships

Story Health gets to know the ins and outs of a patient’s health journey during the optimization of GDMT and ongoing volume management. With this key data, clinicians get a singular view of a patient’s disease progression and set more precise expectations for patients.

The complete picture

Bringing together smart devices, pharmacy data and signals from the EHR, clinicians can spot worsening tolerance of GDMT and increasing rates of volume overload. By providing a full understanding of a patient’s situation, Story Health sets up both clinicians and patients to act if the time comes.

Real-time alerts

Based on consensus guidelines, the Story Health insight engine alerts clinicians when a patient should be evaluated for an advanced therapy. If a clinician decides to move forward, patients will then be directed to the best available options.

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