Heart Failure

Home Titration Program

A better path to the best therapy.

Introducing a solution to guideline-directed medical therapy.

Here's the challenge: 75% of heart failure patients aren't on guideline-directed medical therapy. It's not easy with the complexities of titrating and managing the side effects from this complex regimen of medications.

How we're changing the story.

An intelligent care partner

Story Health is a smart, seamless solution that works with you to find the best possible therapy. The platform offers recommendations based on the latest ACC Guidelines and is accessible directly from the EHR, through SMART on FHIR technology or standalone.

Connected patients

With a simple SMS interface, patients can share qualitative symptoms from home while smart devices deliver biometric data to chart their response to medications. The Story Health insight engine helps interpret the data and alerts clinical care teams if necessary.

A smiling woman wearing headphones in an office setting

A team effort

Story Health coaches break down any barriers a patient might face. This includes getting medications, managing logistical and affordability issues, and scheduling at-home lab draws.

Better outcomes start here.