Heart Failure

Volume Management Program

A clear picture when it matters most.

Volume overload is a constantly evolving risk for heart failure patients that must be managed with multiple tools.

The Story Health platform integrates various sensory methods into a single picture. Not only does this allow for precise home volume optimization, but also algorithmic alerting and automatic intervention.

How we're changing the story.

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Connected patients

With smart devices and a simple SMS interface, Story Health makes it easy to get the data clinicians need when it’s the most relevant. Connected devices send biometric data to the clinic while the SMS system guides patients through the steps of their home care plan.

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Real-time alerts

The Story Health insight engine automatically interprets data from a patient’s connected devices. This allows for alerts to be sent to the patient to change their oral medication dose and/or to be sent to the clinic on the patient’s evolving status.

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Advanced intervention

Ultimately, volume overload is a likely outcome of heart failure. When a patient starts to progress to this state, Story Health alerts clinicians with the data they need to provide the most effective treatment. This enables an early intervention that can make all the difference.

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