A new day for specialty care.

Story Health empowers clinicians to deliver the very best care to every patient.

What we believe.

Technology should reach its full potential.

Too often, new technologies lead to more work and don’t achieve their ultimate goals. We approach our products with an eye towards simplicity and are driven to solve the problems of integration and adoption. The result — clever products that solve complex medical challenges.

Care can be more effective and empathetic.

We’re working towards a world where clinicians can use adaptive systems to help patients wherever they are. We solve problems and overcome the barriers people face by taking a holistic view of a patient’s life. 

Trust is everything.

We see the clinician-patient relationship as the strongest in medicine and aim to strengthen that connection. We steward care and data with safe, secure and dependable products — and are honored to earn the loyalty of health systems, patients and clinicians.

The Story Health team.

Story Health was founded by a veteran group of cross-functional industry leaders. Their experiences brought together the realities of the healthcare system with cutting edge technology.

Nita Sommers


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Tom Stanis

Chief Executive Officer

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Nikhil Roy

Chief Product Officer

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Ashul Govil, MD MBA

Chief Medical Officer

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Portrait of Adam Devore

Adam D. DeVore, MD MHS

Associate Professor of Medicine
Duke University School of Medicine

Andrew Sauer, MD

Cardiologist and Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine


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