Every person has a unique health story.

Facing a serious health condition is a life-changing circumstance and is not something that should wait for your doctor’s appointment. Story Health knows that getting to know you and your story are critical to get you feeling your best.

How Story Health helps.

Story Health connects the dots between the data a specialist needs to optimize your care. Your doctor will have a complete view of your day-to-day experience, giving you the most personalized treatment possible.

"When you hear the word heart failure, it sounds like you’re only one step to the grave. My Story Health coach and my clinical team gave me the enthusiasm to do what I need to do and to speak to my family. By continuing with Story Health and my doctors, I could live another 20 to 30 years."

Brian, Patient

We look out for you

Story Health keeps everyone on the same page through smart medical devices and a simple SMS interface. From family members to clinicians, your team will have the right data to make the best decisions.

Here every step of the way

We’ll alert you if a medication needs to change, as well as deliver personalized recommendations to your doctor. This allows your home care plan to change based on your progress.

A team in your corner

Story Health comes with a group of highly trained health coaches to help you on your care journey. They’re ready to lend an ear, help with logistical issues, and act as a direct link between you and your clinician.

"It was because of Story Health monitoring that saved my life. I will forever be grateful to a medical program that proves excellence is still available today!"

Theresa Von Duyke, Patient

See the difference
Story Health can make.