Transforming Specialty Care, Together.

Value-based entities everywhere are grappling with skyrocketing medical costs and are seeking new opportunities to increase specialty care access, engage patients, deliver better outcomes and drive down costs.

Story Health is here to help.

We work with payors and other value-based organizations to deploy innovative virtual cardiac care programs to meet broader needs around cardiology care or more targeted needs for specific conditions like heart failure.

Our Continuous Care model extends care into the home to rapidly increase access, scale outcomes and thereby reduce hospitalizations and other costs.

Working across the spectrum of cardiovascular conditions, we can:

  • Significantly expand access to specialized care, especially for rural and underserved populations
  • Increase critical medication optimization and close care gaps to improve outcomes 
  • Reduce hospitalizations and unnecessary procedures
  • Drive daily patient engagement & improve patient satisfaction

Our Results

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Pearl Health

Extending Primary Care Practices Ability to Manage Cardiac Care + Medical Spend

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Successful GDMT Optimization in 90 Days

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