Transforming Specialty Care, Together.

With growing staff shortages, long wait times and increasing financial pressures, Cardiology departments everywhere are grappling with new challenges and opportunities.

Story Health is here to help.

We work with health systems to deploy novel, tailored care delivery model that address the biggest pain points and capture the largest opportunities today.

Our Continuous Care Model extends care into the home and supplements existing staff to rapidly increase access, scale outcomes and grow critical programs.

Working across the spectrum of cardiovascular conditions, we can:

  • Significantly increase access to specialty care
  • Reduce readmissions post-discharge
  • Improve and scale clinical outcomes across the system
  • Drive greater profitability of COE programs
  • Reduce clinician burnout

Our Results

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Intermountain Healthcare

Improving Clinical Heart Failure Outcomes and Efficiency

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West Virginia University

Increasing Access

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Successful GDMT Optimization in 90 Days

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