WVU Heart and Vascular Institute Partners with Story Health to Improve Access to Specialty Care

New partnership with WVU Heart and Vascular Institute and Story Health

The WVU Heart and Vascular Institute and Story Health, a health technology and services
company building specialty care models for the future, today announced a new collaboration to
improve access to specialty care for patients with heart failure.

The partnership combines the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute’s leadership in clinical quality
and excellence with Story Health’s specialty care platform solution to extend access and
improve health outcomes for an important population.

More than 6 million Americans have heart failure, a serious condition requiring lifelong care.
Heart failure patients have complex needs that are challenging to address in clinic visits. As a
result, patients often miss out on the treatment and support they need, leading to poor

“We are working with WVU Medicine on a new care model that transfers more care into the
home, where we can increase access, reduce inequities, and better leverage scarce specialist
resources,” Tom Stanis, CEO and co-founder of Story Health, said. “We look forward to
collaborating with the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute to help scale the care for their heart
failure patients.”

The WVU Heart and Vascular Institute’s objective for this partnership is to improve treatment
and experience for patients and their families, including increased access and medication
support with the goal of improving heart function and reducing hospitalizations. WVU Heart
and Vascular clinicians and Story Health coaches will work collaboratively to personalize
patient treatments through a combination of structured clinical pathways, monitoring, and
patient engagement.

“We’re always looking for state-of-the-art ways to care for patients with heart failure given the
clinical importance of improving prescription access and adherence to life-saving medications,”
Liz Davis, R.N., manager of the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute Heart Failure Program, said.
“Story Health offers an innovative and new approach that helps optimize medications, using an
electronic engagement platform coupled with health coaches to put the clinical team’s plan in
place. We are excited to partner with Story Health to learn how such a strategy can help us
improve patient care.”

The initial work between the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute and Story Health will be a
program that implements Story Health’s platform into the WVU Medicine system. The program
is already underway, and whitepapers with the program results are anticipated to be published
later this year.

“The WVU Heart and Vascular team continuously evaluates innovative ways to enhance the
value of care we deliver,” George Sokos, D.O., associate chief of Cardiology and director of
Advanced Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension programs at the WVU Heart and
Vascular Institute, said. “This partnership with Story Health is an excellent example, offering a
new approach in engaging and empowering patients. Together, we aim to reduce heart failure
mortality while improving the quality of life for the patient.”

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About the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute
At the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, our experienced team of board-certified, fellowship-trained
providers are performing groundbreaking and innovative procedures using cutting-edge techniques and
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About Story Health
Story Health is a healthcare technology company that is re-imagining complex care
management, virtual care delivery, and patient navigation. With a technology-enabled and
human-powered approach, Story Health is on a mission to transform each patient’s care
journey by enabling clinicians and institutions to implement and scale continuous specialty
care delivery to every patient with heart disease, leaving no patient behind. Story Health is led
by CEO Tom Stanis, co-founder of Verily; President Nita Sommers; CPO Nikhil Roy; and
cardiologist and CMO Ashul Govil, M.D. For more information, please visit StoryHealth.com.