1-Year Sustained GDMT Benefits with Story Health

ChristianaCare demonstrates sustained GDMT impacts with Story Health after 1 year.

Table: Titration Scheme of Maximally Tolerated GDMT Graphed for One Year

Story Health announced positive clinical results from patients with significant heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) showing significant guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT) improvement in partnership with ChristianaCare.

Results were presented at the 2023 Heart Failure Society of America’s Annual Scientific Meeting by Dr. Noor Chima, Cardiovascular Disease Fellow, and Dr. Sourin Banerji, Medical Director of Advanced Heart Failure, both affiliated with ChristianaCare Health System. The study included a cohort of 151 patients to investigate the sustained impacts of Story Health's solution to manage GDMT over a period of one year, utilizing a larger patient population compared to the initial pilot, presented during the 2022 conference.

Titration Point Scheme (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jacc.2021.11.033)

The patients, characterized by advanced heart failure (classified as Stage C and higher), achieved the maximum tolerated GDMT within an impressive 90 days and persisted for the remainder of the study. Measured using the HeartFailure Collaboratory Titration Point Scale, patients maintained a notable increase from an average of 4 points at enrollment to 7 points after one year, indicating sustained treatment across the four classes of GDMT medications. 

Dr. Banerji remarked, "Typically, in cardiac programs, we see significant drop out rates, from 24%-50% in the literature, and it's exciting to see the replication of significant improvements observed in the previous study over an extended timeframe and with a more extensive patient cohort. The robust outcomes underscore the efficacy and potential transformative impact of Story Health's GDMT approach. We can feel confident in more aggressively safely titrating meds to target doses with this approach." 

This analysis not only reinforces the initial pilot findings but also emphasizes the scalability and enduring benefits of the intervention for GDMT with Story Health.

‍The complete poster publication of “Impacting GDMT with Story Health - 1 Year Later” can be viewed online.